Horror Harp Composing Challenge

To celebrate the new 2.0 version of Horror Harp, we're hosting the Horror Harp Composing Challenge. Enter to win a free Simple Samples Audio library of your choice and have your track featured on the Horror Harp Soundcloud playlist!

If you'd like your track to be featured in the Horror Harp Composing Challenge Listening Party on Feb 11 @ 12p EST, follow these guidelines and submit your track! 5 tracks will be selected to be used as demo tracks on the Horror Harp Soundcloud playlist and the composer of each chosen track will be gifted with any one Simple Samples Audio library of their choice!

Challenge Guidelines

  • Compose an original track of 90 sec to 3 min. in length.
  • All tracks must feature the full-version Horror Harp OR free Horror Harp LITE.
  • Tracks will be judged based on Composition Quality, Production Quality, & Originality. All tracks will be judged by Simple Samples Audio founder Steven Melin. Due to the expected volume of submissions, individual critique will not be provided for each entry.
  • Share your track online! Use the hashtags #horrorharp#horrorharpcomposingchallenge, and #simplesamplesaudio.
  • Submit your track below by February 9 @ 11:59pm ESTEach composer may only submit one track for consideration.

Submit Your Track Now:

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