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Have you ever opened up a synthesizer VST and been overwhelmed by what feels like a spaceship?? There has to be an easier way to get a killer retro synth sound without actually learning the intricate process of synthesis...

For our latest instrument, we teamed up with The NoSleep Podcast composer Brandon Boone to craft Analog Textures, a dream synth library for ambient music composers. We deep-sampled his classic analog synths and built a custom Kontakt engine that runs these sounds through his iconic FX rack (including 3 tempo-synced Delays and Reverbs with complete ADSR control, Drive, Cutoff, & Chorus filters). This large 4GB library boasts 53 versatile patches across Leads, Basses, Pads, Shorts, & Atonal – all packed into one Kontakt patch that instantly loads between synths without any of the footprint!

As with all our libraries, this Kontakt instrument is designed with simplicity at the forefront. Every knob and FX placement has been crafted for a creative experience every time you write. Brandon Boone himself now prefers using this library over his own hardware synth setup!

Features in v1.0:

  • 53 patches spanning 6 octaves each
  • essential categories: Leads, Basses, Pads, Shorts, & Atonal
  • ADSR Envelope knobs to control Attack, Decay, Sustain, & Release of each patch
  • 3 Tempo-Synced Delay knobs to wildly transform rhythm
  • 3 Reverb knobs to dial in creative combos of space 
  • Drive filter to add gritty distortion
  • Cutoff filter to open or close the sound
  • Chorus knob to control the amount of stereo presence
  • 4.41 GB of content (24bit/48kHz)
  • Requires full-version Kontakt 6.5.3 or higher


Meet Brandon Boone

Brandon Boone is a music composer for film, podcasts, & video games from Cincinnati, Ohio, most known for his decade of ambient soundscapes for the award-winning horror anthology show The NoSleep Podcast. His distinctive sound is a versatile blend of atmosphere, electronica, synth, and traditional instruments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marcus Manderson
Great Analog Synth Sounds!!!

The Brandon Boone Analog Textures is a great addition to anyone's production tools.

The simple interface with built in effects makes it a one stop shop for sparking your creativity or adding on to what you are already working on.

It can also find a home in various genres: ambient, pop, hip hop, rnb, etc.

Get your copy now!

Ruud Hermans
Great analogue synths!

Great sounds! i really like the simplicity and easiness in use of this plugin. You can find your sound quickly an dial in the delay and filter or distortion right away in the same menu. I needed. a dark distorted pad . It did the job in no time and it sounds great!

Martin Heidenreich
Wonderful Synth library

Absolutely love that retro analogue Synth sound of this library. It has a very low impact on the ram and even CPU usage is not too heavy. The sounds are really cool out of the box, the time synched reverbs are such a timesaver and tweaking around with the various knobs open up a huge playground of sound. Well done Simple Samples Audio and Brandon Boone.

Jeffrey Tremblett
User friendly and sounds fantastic!

I'm not one to spend time tweaking synth plugins and libraries into oblivion, so this library came in perfectly for me where every patch is unique and sounds fantastic, and the few places for tweaking that it does have are really substantial! I'd certainly recommend for anyone interested!