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Horror Harp is a sampled 100-year-old lap harp that I inherited from my wife‘s grandmother. When I learned about its heritage–that it had been strung with guitar strings during the 1920’s Great Depression era–I had to record it! With cracked and scratched antique wood, this atonal instrument rattles and growls with distinct character. This harp has been bowed, knocked, stabbed, whacked, plucked, strummed, and punished to produce horrific one-of-a-kind sounds you’ve never heard before. Horror Harp will add a unique flavor to your next horror score.


New Features in v2.0

  • 7 patches to torture listeners with:
    • Bows: scratches, whacks, & tremolos that will drive you insane
    • Knocks: knocks on the wooden body of the harp
    • Metals: screwdrivers full of hatred
    • Plucks (Natural): enjoy the natural detuned spectacle of this harp
    • Plucks (Tuned): for those who want a more pleasant sound
    • Strums: what this harp was born for
    • Woods: angry drum sticks
  • Cutoff knob to control lowpass filter amount
  • Resonance knob to control lowpass filter resonance
  • Shimmer knob to add a hellish reverb to the mix (with additional octave harmonics)
  • Tube Saturation knob to add a gritty distortion
  • Chorus knob to control the amount of stereo presence
  • Reverse keyswitch (D0 on keyboard) to transform this harp into hellish soundscapes / Return to Normal playback by pressing C0 on keyboard
  • Visual Waveform of every sample
  • 484 MB download file size.
  • Requires full-version Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
  • Includes WAV folder of all samples


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
athari aldiran

I just downloaded it, its very great and sounds are very clear thank you for this plugin

Ben Hughes
Has good sounds you can process as needed.


Brandon Boone
Incredible and versatile

Whether it’s stings, stabs, or building a general atmosphere of terror, Horror Harp is quickly becoming a go-to library for me.

A nice update!

The new update for Horror Harp includes lots of new samples and sound shaping features and definitely needs to be in the collection of anyone who is scoring scenes which are scary... some of it is downright spooky!

There are also plenty of other potential uses for this for other music applications and instrument layering. The tuned plucks, especially, can be transformed into a variety of different sounding instruments and pads!

Also this new version is compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1, where the first version required Kontakt 6. How often does that happen? The developer pays attention to user feedback and provides great customer service.


A really solid library with caveats (read before you buy)

I've noticed a few reviews with 1-3 stars that seem to expect more or wanted something different. So before you buy, please read on:

This is an excellent library with a very unique sound. It is perfect for ambience, atonal scoring and the horror/suspense genre in general. It is a very purpose built library and what it aims to do it does very well. I personally used this in a Halloween piece for work and it fit perfectly.

It is NOT an all arounder that you can plop in every piece. I highly suggest listening to each demo track to see if it fits for you.

Simple Sample Audio libraries are very clean straightforward libraries that focus on doing what they need to do excellently instead of trying to throw a kitchen sink at you. Many other library vendors will give you the instrument with like a billion knobs, effects and presents and while good, they get very overwhelming. Seriously, why do I have a full synthesizer in my string library.

This library like a lot of the others here are focused and let the composer choose what to do with it rather than the instrument including a tonne of settings and sort of dictating how it wants to be used.

If horror, ambient atmosphere or atonal pieces are your thing, I think you'll like it.