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Granular Pads is a collection of 36 larger-than-life ambient evolving pads by Australian ambient artist Hvybones. Each patch is crafted from an analog synth or electric guitar run through a multitude of granular pedal effects including reverbs, delays, shimmers, distortions, loopers, & more. These sounds are unlike anything you've ever heard and provide incredible beds for composing on top of or can be used solo for warm and intimate moments. Regardless of how you use these pads, you will be immediately inspired to create.


Features in v1.0:

  • 13 Major key patches spanning 2 octaves
  • 12 Minor key patches spanning 2 octaves
  • 11 Open patches spanning 5 octaves; these can be played as single notes or as traditional pad chords
  • Cutoff knob to control lowpass filter amount
  • Resonance knob to control lowpass filter resonance
  • Shimmer knob to add a larger-than-life reverb to the mix (with additional octave harmonics)
  • Tube Saturation knob to add a gritty distortion
  • Chorus knob to control the amount of stereo presence
  • 1 GB of content (24bit/48kHz)
  • Includes WAV folder of all samples

Meet Hvybones

Matt Dewson (Hvybonesis an ambient artist based in Perth, Australia known for his unusual atmospheric albums featuring analog synth and electric guitar run through a multitude of granular pedal effects including reverbs, delays, shimmers, distortions, loopers, & more. His sound is mystical, euphoric, and artistic. Now you too can use these rich soundscapes in your tracks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Katherine Durkes
The right tool for the job

This is a sound-design library intended for a limited purpose: pitched drones. It's not a flexible melodic library - like, you won't be able to use these harmonic pads in songs easily because they're arranged by major chords, minor chords, and open 5ths. It's more for giving interesting texture for room/suspense tones, trailers, etc, a lot like XOSphere but without the wonky interface.

Denis Dion
Simple Samples Audio - Granular Pads

Amazing, intuitive and fun to tweek...

Jerzy Satanowski

Hvybones Granular Pads | Artist Series

Erik Hedin
Great sound, not good workflow

Great and soulful sound. Evolving soundscapes. But I wish for enhancements in the workflow. From what I see I have to load all the presets manually and they all look the same. I have not used, and am not sure I will use this library because it does not fit my workflow very well. But if it was enhanced with browser, better GUI and NKS I will be much more likely to use it.

Colin M Mansfield
Sounds good, could be laid out better.

The actual pads sound really good, but the way the instruments are laid out, you must load both the major and minor instruments to follow a key's scale. Better might have been having major pads at one end of the keyboard and minor pads at the other. For instance, you are playing in C major but want to play a D or A chord. In C these would both be minor chords. The "Open" instrument solves this by having notes stretched across the whole keyboard, but then one needs to play the chords, just like any other instrument. No matter, I can always rewrite the instruments to split the keyboard into major and minor sections, but for this, I have docked it one star from my rating, which might otherwise be 5 stars.