Kris Kalimba
Kris Kalimba
Kris Kalimba
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Kris Kalimba

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Kris Kalimba is a hand-crafted kalimba (African thumb piano) with a 1/4" input jack for line recording. Unlike traditional kalimbas, Kris Kalimba was created with a wooden slab (instead of a hollow coconut shell) without a sound hole and each metal rod is cut to a specific length to form a tuned diatonic C major scale. 

For maximum playability, the original one-octave (C3 to C4) has been stretched to 2.5 octaves (G2 to C5). All natural pitches are indicated with green keys on the Kontakt keyboard and all pitch-stretched notes are indicated with red keys. Each note has 4 round-robin samples and 2 dynamic layers (p and mf).

This delicate bell-like instrument is perfect for spreading holiday cheer in your tracks.


Features in v1.0:

  • 2.5 octave range (G2 to C5) of finger-plucked notes
  • 4 round-robin samples per note
  • 2 dynamic layers per note (p and mf)
  • Joyful Verb button that places your kalimba in a spacious church cathedral
  • 22 MB download file size.
  • Requires full-version Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
William L Pack
Great sounds

I now have more essential sounds to expand my soundscapes. Thanks

Michio Tarama

Kris Kalimba

Kerry Hartjen
I Wish It Didn't Require Full Version of Kontakt

I can't use it, so can't review it other than to say I'm bummed that it only works with the full version of Kontakt. That's going to keep an awful lot of us less affluent composers off of the playing field.

Vladimir Chaika

Kris Kalimba


useable sample library to use within project