Monster Sanctuary Toolkit
Monster Sanctuary Toolkit

Monster Sanctuary Toolkit

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Monster Sanctuary Toolkit is a collection of 22 sample instruments I crafted while composing the Monster Sanctuary video game soundtrack. These 16-bit electronic patches have been bit-crushed, down-sampled, and treated to sound like authentic Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance instruments out-of-the-box. Composing 16-bit retro game music has never been so easy!

Features in v2.0:

  • 22 electronic patches crafted in the 16-bit video game style
  • 6 multis featuring useful large combos of patches
  • BitCrusher knob to down-sample each instrument to your liking
  • Reverb knob to give your instrument a lush sound
  • Chorus knob to fatten your instrument from Mono to Stereo
  • Delay Amount knob to control how much delay is applied
  • Delay 32nds to control how many 32nd notes worth of tempo-synced delay to add to your instrument
  • Vibrato control with the Mod Wheel
  • Legato scripting on solo patches
  • 3.54 GB download file size.
  • Requires full-version Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher  


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Now Kontakt 5.81 compatible!!!!

I just wanted to post a comment to commend Steven for listening to those of us customers who could not use the Kontakt 6 version of the product. He rebuilt these toolkits to now work with Kontakt 5, and that shows real dedication and a desire to keep all of us satisfied. I have only known one other developer who took the time to rebuild their product for this same reason. I really appreciate it, and want to support such developers for going to the extra trouble to make their products compatible for all users!

Thanks Steven!

Bart Aarts
A lot of fun and nostalgia

I'm using the samples for a few days now, but already had a lot of fun with them! I really like the square synth (Super Mario!), strings, drums and bass. The pedal delay piano is also very good. Brings back a lot of Chrono Trigger memories. I can recommend this to every video game music lover.

Very Cool Library

I'm a film composer and starting to get into video game music and really wanted to get some 16-bit sounds for that authentic NES sound. This library is fantastic. Gives me a very good palette to start working on 16-bit music, so I'm not spending time creating sounds. Got at a fantastic price as a bundle with the Beard Blade Toolkit. Highly recommend!

Sheldon Tam
Monster Sanctuary Toolkit review

It sounds good and is useful!

It's OK!

Great toolkit with an easy to use interface. Blends also excellent with the Beard Blade Toolkit and it's still compatible with modern sounding libraries. Nice!

Highly recommended!