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Legato Viola is the world's first deep-sampled ultra-legato solo viola, crafted to perform realistic melodic phrases at all speeds. Every note is infused with Rhea Hosanny's expressive performance style and will imbue your tracks with heartfelt emotion. With bespoke Playing Position, Vibrato Style, and Legato Speed controls, we've created the most realistic solo viola library on the market.

Features in v1.0:

  • Deep-sampled round-robin recordings of every note transition on the instrument
  • Playing Position control
  • Vibrato Style control
  • Legato Speed control
  • Dynamics control
  • Reverb control
  • 3.88 GB of content / 2,869 samples (24bit/44.1 kHz NCW)
  • Requires full-version Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher 

About the Instrument


Playing Position

Choose between 1st Position and Extended for natural and musical connections between adjacent notes. Extended notes will sound muted and darker in tone since they are played higher on the fingerboard than 1st Position. Extended position should be used to replace open strings (C, G, D, A) with fingered vibrated notes. For live performance, use the Sustain Pedal to toggle between positions in real-time (Kontakt keyboard changes to orange color while Extended position is activated).

Vibrato Speed

Choose between Progressive and Full vibrato. While on the default Progressive setting, notes will begin with no vibrato and slowly increase in vibrato intensity over time. While on Full vibrato, notes will begin with the highest intensity vibrato.

Legato Speed

Use the Legato Speed wheel to control how quickly slurred notes transition. Higher settings allow for faster playing and lower settings allow for slower playing, revealing more of the recorded legato transition. For live performance, we recommend assigning a MIDI CC to control the Legato Speed (in Kontakt, right-click on a knob to Learn a MIDI CC).

Mod Wheel

Use the Mod Wheel to control dynamics. 


Use the Reverb wheel to control the amount of orchestral hall reverb. If the Reverb wheel is set to 0%, the instrument will revert back to Mono.


In the bottom-left corner of the GUI, there is an ( i ) icon that shares product credits. Click anywhere on the GUI to close this window.

Meet Rhea Hosanny

Rhea Hosanny is a Los Angeles-based viola performer, session musician, and founder of Strings Attached Entertainment. She has performed with legendary artists Earth, Wind & Fire, Beyoncé, Adele, Kanye West, Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, Josh Groban, Evanescence, Cage the Elephant, Ricky Martin, and Solange Knowles. Rhea regularly records for films, television, & albums and has performed on multiple TV and award shows. Rhea performs for the Phoenix Symphony and The Las Vegas Philharmonic. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Good sound quality

Good performance for legato
Not adequate for Short notes

Darrin Boust
Excellent playability!

This sampled instrument sounds great played at any speed, but really shines when holding notes for a few beats. An excellent addition to any library and at a great price makes this a no-brainer in my books.

Philippe Wertz

truly surprising to hear a viola playing in my studio and even more surprising to have it under your fingers!
Too bad that on some notes, the attack is a bit weak on some phrasing.
However, Legato Viola allows a lot of emotion and is excellent.
Special thanks to Rhéa Hosanni for this great achievement.
Good to you all

Great sound ! Very romantic !

People can easily and efficiently use musical instruments that they do not know how to use well. Even if you use a small amount of effectors such as filters and delays, the sound changes significantly.

Ales Grosek

Legato Viola